Chennai being a large metropolitan city covers a wide geographical area and is home to about 10 million. Like any large community, it has got its share of all the components that go into making a wholesome society – from culture, sports, business, to governance and politics. Each component consists of numerous spheres & sub-spheres. And each such sphere and sub-sphere has its own players who contribute to its evolution. There are champions who are already famous. And there are those who are not so famous, but work silently and steadfastly in their chosen filed and who in the process impact thousands of persons positively. These are the silent champions who make what Chennai is today.

KSA Trust’s objective is to identify such champions every year and recognize them by giving them the “Champion of Chennai” award so that they inspire many more and become examples to emulate. The Champions will be selected from different walks of life viz Arts, Sports, Education, Science, Health Care, Social Initiative & Enterprise and many more.