We welcome you to nominate any person who you think is a champion of Chennai. Just remember the following criteria while nominating-

  • The categories under which you can nominate are Arts, Education, Enterprise, Healthcare, Science, Social Initiative or Sports. If you are not sure under which category the nominee falls, doesn’t matter, just send in the details anyway.
  • The nominee can be either an individual or an organisation
  • The nominee should live or work or have lived or worked in Chennai. We are not giving any boundary to Chennai here because the city is expanding fast and people who may be just outside its so-called boundary as per Government guidelines may still have a huge impact on the people within such boundaries.
  • You need not know the nominee personally in order to nominate.
  • The nominee should have impacted say at least a thousand people positively. A back-of-the envelope working of the numbers would do.

Please also note that if the person you have nominated is selected, we will insist on taking your photo and carrying it in the Awards Book of that year in recognition of your contribution.

For nominating, please fill in the following form and press submit-