“Champions Talks ” is the most recent initiative of the KSA Trust.
The Champions of Chennai awardees in various categories are invited to present a motivational talk in their field of expertise to school students.
 These talks are targeted toward the higher-class students who stand to be inspired and motivated by the awardee’s personal stories of grit and determination to succeed.
The first of such talks was held at PS Higher Secondary School, Mylapore.
Thirupurasundari Sevvel our 2023 Champions of Chennai awardee for Arts and Culture presented a talk on Chennai – its heritage buildings, their conservation, and interesting trivia about landmarks in Chennai. The talk was received well by the students especially since it was an interactive one.
Thirupurasundari Sevvel Champion Talks

On17th of October 2023   Thirupurasundari Sevvel ‘s  ( Champion of Chennai – Arts and Culture -2023 ) talk on Conservation Architecture and its value addition in the historical perspective and interesting bits of information about the names and their origin of the various areas in Chennai kindled the interest of young students, at P S Matriculation Higher Secondary School enabling them to discover newer facets of our wonderful city. The 20th of January 2024 saw her again at Asan Memorial School, Nungambakkam, where she gave her talk which included an innovative postcard writing activity by the students. This was a fresh approach to conservation and the students participated eagerly.

 KSA Trust thanks her for her support.

Venue: Stella Maris College, Cathedral Road, Chennai -86
Date: 27.2.2024

Venue: Asan Memorial Higher Secondary School Ch-6
Date: 20.1.2024

Venue: P S Matriculation Higher Secondary School
Date: 17.10.2023

The game of Table Tennis is not complete if we do not talk about “Rao Brothers“(Champion of Chennai- Sports- 2023) here in Chennai. They have been players themselves before taking up a full-time job as coaches, a passion that has seen them coaching some of the top players including Olympic medallists in the last 30 years. They have always ensured to hold high the spirit of the game. Muralidhar Rao the younger sibling highlighted this facet of the game, the confidence it builds, the sportsmanship, and the competitive edge that a player gains while being grounded whether in victory or defeat. Students at The Children’s Garden School Mylapore who were addressed by Muralidhar Rao showed keen interest in learning more about the game, its technicalities, and building a career as a sportsperson.

 Muralidhar Rao, again came up with an inspiring talk on women achievers in society that kindled the interest of the young minds at the Chennai Girls Higher Secondary School, Perambur, on the 29th of January 2024. The students were eager to participate in more such programs and the management has agreed to host them.

 We at KSA Trust are truly inspired by the work of “The Rao Brothers”.

Venue: Chennai Girls Higher Secondary School Ch- 11
Date: 29.01.2024

Venue: The Children’s Garden School Mylapore
Date: 16.11.23

Dr. Navin Jayakumar (Champion of Chennai – Education – 2023) made a significant impact on the students of Asan Memorial School with his lively and interactive quiz program. His dedication and contributions to the field of education and quizzing is well known. He is also a practicing Ophthalmologist and an ardent pianist. Hosting an engaging quiz program not only showcases his expertise but also creates a positive and enjoyable learning experience for the students. Such initiatives play a crucial role in making education more exciting and memorable for students.

KSA Trust thanks Dr. Navin for his support.

Ms. Shoba Menon (Champion of Chennai – Social Initiative – 2018) heads “Nizhal” an organization passionate about tree conservation and propagating the benefits that trees give us. She addressed a gathering of students on 29th November 2023 at The Children’s Garden School Mylapore, peppering her talks with witty anecdotes and interesting trivia about the wide variety of trees around us, all the while reinforcing the importance of tree planting and conservation. The young audience suitably inspired went back with a pledge to plant at least 5 trees every year.  Again on the 23rd of January 2024, she addressed the students of Ganapathy Iyer Girls School who were suitably inspired by her talk.

KSA Trust welcomes such initiatives and extends its heartfelt thanks to “Nizhal” and its founder Ms. Shoba Menon.

Venue: Ganapathi Iyer Girls School Chennai – 86
Date: 23.1.2024

Venue: The Children’s Garden School Mylapore
Date:  29.12.2023

Uma Maheswari, Champion of Chennai – Education 2017, delivered an impassioned and inspirational talk to the eager students of Lady Sivaswamy Girls School on 15.2.2024 and Bishop New Bigin College of Education on 23.2.2024. She shared her remarkable journey, emphasizing the profound value of education in transforming lives.

Uma’s narrative was deeply personal, illustrating how she missed out on the opportunities of formal education during her youth.

Despite her educational setbacks, she tirelessly worked to provide opportunities for the underprivileged children of Kannagi Nagar, where she resides. Through her efforts, she has facilitated access to education for hundreds of youngsters who might otherwise have been denied this fundamental right.

Uma’s story serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration, demonstrating that one’s past does not determine their future.

Uma Maheswari’s message resonated long after her words had faded, leaving a lasting impression on all who had the privilege of hearing her speak.

Venue: Bishop New Bigin College of Education, Mylapore,Chennai-4
Date: 23.2.2024

Venue: Lady Sivaswamy Iyer Girls Higher Secondary School Ch-4
Date:  15.2.2024