India is now at the crossroads of aspirations, ambitions & needs on one side and corruption, bureaucracy & greed on the other. In a country of 1300 million people, 50% are in the age group 0 – 25 years. This huge group is bursting with energy to go out into the World and live their dreams. The humungous energy unleashed by this group needs to be channelized into worthy causes concerning human development.

A good way to channelize this raw energy is to give them role models – ordinary people who have achieved extraordinary feats and in doing so have impacted positively, the lives of people whom they have touched. It is hoped that the youth will emulate the ideals and ways of the role models and, in turn, positively impact millions more.

KSA Trust, formed in August 2012 by a group of like-minded professionals, wishes to contribute in this direction, in its own small way, by identifying the role models from our society and presenting them before the youth. These role models will be the Champions who have done it and will also serve as Champions for their respective causes.